Vanuatu - Message of Solidarity from the Ambassador

The magnitude of the recent Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu has caused devastation across many of the islands of Vanuatu. The first images emerging from the islands show serious damage across the nation. The capital Port Vila was subjected to heavy rains and strong winds exceeding 240 km/h, the other islands of Vanuatu have also been greatly affected. However, the lack of information does not allow for a complete picture of the situation and the number of victims could be much higher than currently known. Cyclone Pam is one of the worst cyclones to have occurred in the history of this Pacific nation.

The Francophone Network of Australia (the Embassy, charitable associations, the Alliances Françaises and French schools) will rally together and request the generosity of all to support the actions of the Alliance Française, the French school in Port Vila and also all the French speaking schools in Vanuatu (primary and secondary schools, university).

Thank you for your generosity.

Ambassador of France to Australia

To make a donation :

- Account Name: French Emergency Assistance of NSW
- Bank: Westpac, CNR Market &Clarence Streets, Sydney NSW 2000
- BSB: 032016
- Account No: 481394

Kindly include your name followed by “VANUATU” with your online transfer.

Dernière modification : 17/03/2020

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