Visa application process : [STEP] by [STEP]

Important notice
Some applicants have been misled with wrong advice from third parties as Travel Agents or Courier Agencies. Please ensure at all time that your application meets the requirements specified on this website, as the only official reference.

As a courtesy to other applicants, if you are unable to attend your appointment, you are required to modify or cancel it (see option "Booking, changing or cancelling an appointment" of the website). Not complying with this requirement would expose you to the impossibility of applying for a new appointment in the future.

[Step 2] - Check where you will need to apply for your visa

In some very limited situation, you are allowed to apply remotely by post-mail. Check on the following link the requirements.

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[Step 5] - Prepare your application and all required documents

What you will need to provide :

An incomplete application file may lead to delays (until file is completed) or to the rejection of the visa.
  • Please bring the original of all documents and a copy for each as the Consulate will keep the copies.
  • No photocopy can be done at the consulate (photocopy services might be available in Queen Victoria Building "QVB" just next door). It is recommend to anticipate the photocopies to enable you to apply on your scheduled appointment.
Do you wish your passport to be sent back by post mail ?
If so, you will have to provide as well an Express Post Platinum [500g] envelop with your address on it

If you choose this convenient option, you must understand that it is at your own risk and that the consulate can’t take any responsability if the envelop is lost or damaged.

Do not take away the sticker number nor the receipt part from the envelop as these will allow the consulate to track your envelop.

[Step 6] - Book an appointment

If you have to apply in person in Sydney (majority of the situation, check Step 2), take notice of the peak season that can delay your application and refer to Step 3 to meet deadlines and time frame to apply (remember to take into account the visa processing delays as well).

Each applicant must book an appointment, including for children, whatever their age.

Choose a date and time at your convenience on the online appointment system (appointments can’t be given by phone or at the counter as it is a web-only system) to submit your application at our counter.

You will have to print out the appointment receipt (with Adobe acrobat reader) that will be asked on you arrival at the Consulate to let you in.

Once you have secured your appointment, you will be expected to show up in person at the place and time specified. If you are late, the visa section might not be able to receive you anymore and might therefore ask you to rebook a new appointment online.

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You can’t find an appointment ?

  • The online visas booking system is run on a 60 days period : you can book an appointment upto 2 months in advance.
  • When time slots are greyed out, it means that all appointments have been taken for theses dates. When a month is fully booked, it no longer appears and the month selection arrow can not be activated.
  • However, cancellations occur on a regular basis and slots are released each week for the following week; so make sure to check the online booking system frequently.

You need to cancel or reschedule an existing appointment?

  • As a courtesy to other applicants and Visa Officers, applicants unable to attend a confirmed interview should amend or cancel their appointment via the online booking system.
  • Go back to the section “scheduling an appointment”.Click the category where you previously scheduled your appointment then select “revoir son rendez-vous”. You will be able to cancel it and choose another convenient appointment.

[Step 7] - Welcome at the Consulate general of France in Sydney !

Each visa applicant must come in person to submit his/her application on the date and time of their appointment.

Minors (below 18 years old) must be accompanied by their father and mother (or the legal guardian).

The reception room being cramped, only the visa applicants themselves are allowed to come inside the Consulate to apply. No visitor will be allowed to come in.

Visa applicants must come with documents specified at Step 5:

As well as :

  • The appointment receipt;
  • A credit card for the visa processing fees;


The Consulate is located at:

31, Market Street
St Martins Tower
Level 26
Sydney 2000, NSW

Map and transport information

Access timing

The access to the consulate with prior appointment is only possible from 09.00am to 12.20pm. Outside this time frame, you won’t be able to access the 26th floor as the elevator will be blocked.

Security controls

On the 26th floor, you will be welcomed by our security guards who will check your identity and your appointment receipt. Before allowing you in, the guard will scan you as well as your belongings (you will be allowed a small bag with you only).

Waiting room

You will be directed in the visa waiting room and will be able to sit and wait for your turn until a visa officer calls you at the counter.

[Step 8] - Your are called by the visa officer : it is your turn !


The visa officer will call your name and ask some simple questions to make sure that:

  • the French consulate in Sydney is competent to process your visa;
  • that you have a valid appointment;
  • that you have a completed visa application form (in black ink and in capital letters, the form has to be dated and signed);
  • that you can provide 2 Photographs that complies with the Norms;
  • that you can provide a valid and recognized passport (name and passport number should be the same than on the appointment receipt);
  • that you can provide all supporting documents in the required order and their copies;
  • that you can pay the fees by credit card in AUD (official exchange rate is displayed in the waiting room).

Visa category verification

You will then be invited to explain your travel plans and reasons of your stay in France. Accordingly, the visa officer will ensure that the visa category is appropriate to your personal situation and if not, will suggest another visa category (other supportive documents might be required).

If your application folder does not match with the list of documents (missing documents), you will have to decide whether or not you submit your application.

  • You might decide to complete your file later and return to the consulate another day, with another appointment. If you do not submit your application, you won’t pay any visa processing fees.
  • If you decide to go ahead and submit your incomplete file, you will be informed that the visa application will be freezed until the missing document have been provided. The visa processing delays (step 3) will only start once the application is completed.

If some documents are missing, or they do not comply with the consulate’s requirements, you may submit the missing documents by 12:20pm on the same day of your application.

Bear in mind that submitting a complete file does not necessarily mean that the consular authority will grant you the requested visa.

Visa processing fees

The visa officer will ask you to pay the visa processing fees that are not refundable even if the visa is not granted (in fact, you do not pay the visa itself, you pay the processing fees).

Fees have to be paid by credit card only (Amex is not accepted).

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After payment, you will be given a receipt. You must keep this receipt for the retrieval of your passport (if you have chosen to come in person).


Following the first part of the interview and after payment, your picture and your fingerprints will be taken.

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Regardless of the type of visa sought, fingerprint of all visa applicants, except children under 12 years old, will be taken and this entails that each applicant has to appear in person in front of the competent visa officer (including children under 12 years old).

Visa processing delays

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[Step 10] - Collect your passport and verify your visa sticker (if applies)

If you provided an envelop (Step 5), your passport will be sent back with it otherwise, you will have to collect it in person (or by a third party, under conditions) at the consulate.

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