Who needs a short stay visa for Monaco ?


Monegasque legislation on the entry and stay of foreign nationals in Monaco is harmonized with the French legislation (art. 1§2 of the amended Convention).

Consequently :

- Foreigners who are allowed to enter in France for a short stay without a visa are also allowed to enter Monaco without a visa, including the holder of a residence permit issued by a Schengen State;

- The holder of a valid Schengen visa for France, including the territorially limited visas to France (VTL) is authorized to enter and reside in Monaco. In contrast, VTL not valid for France are not valid for Monaco.

When no visa exemption applies, a visa is required, moreover if the main destination of travel is Monaco. The visa can be issued by the Consulate general of France in Sydney and procedures for issuing that visa are the same than for a Short stay visa to France

Dernière modification : 27/12/2015

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