Young Language Ambassadors 2016

In June 2016 hundreds of selected young language ambassadors across North and Far North Queensland in Years 5 to 12 were selected to represent their schools and participate in the Young Language Ambassador conferences organised by the College of Arts, Society and Education at James Cook University.

The program was initially launched in 2014 in partnership with a number of key sponsors, including the Embassy of France in Australia. Ambassadors are selected on the basis that they are outstanding language students and demonstrate a passion for language education. The conference has become an annual event in which ambassadors, language teachers, parents and community members meet to share and inspire each other, but also to challenge the status quo and transform language education in our region.

“I trust that today you will be inspired, feel empowered to share your passion with others but most importantly, be proud of being a language student. It is my ultimate aspiration that you will become young advocates for all languages and culture and be prepared to make positive contributions to our region and beyond” said Florence Boulard, Modern Languages Lecturer and Coordinator at James Cook University, during the conference.


Change is possible. The aim of the Young Language Ambassador program is to help increase student retention in languages and contribute to the government priority of having at least 40% of Grade 12 students graduating high school with a second language by 2020. However, this program is also an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate all language advocates.


Dernière modification : 27/06/2016

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