Nicolas baudin travel grant : FAQ

  • Who is eligible to apply for the Nicolas Baudin Travel Grant?
    The grant is open to applications from Australian citizens and international students, with the exemption of French citizens. Those in possession of French citizenship are not eligible to apply for the grant. If you are in possession of dual Australian-French citizenship please contact

International students wishing to apply for the grant must be currently enrolled at an Australian university. Applications from international students not currently enrolled at an Australian university, or who do not currently reside in Australia, will not be eligible for consideration.

Applicants must apply for the grant under one of the five mentioned frameworks in order to be eligible. Circumstances which do not fall under one of these frameworks will render your application ineligible for consideration, including the Language Teaching Assistant Program.

  • I registered my details on the platform to create an account; however I have not received an email with my account activation link. What should I do?
    If you have not received an email with your account activation link, it is advised that you first check your junk/ spam email folder. If you cannot find the email in here, please contact the Embassy at for assistance, ensuring that you mention your full name.

Please do not create multiple accounts if you do not receive the email containing your account activation link as certain email providers may block communications from the platform. It is best to contact the Embassy first before taking any further action.

  • I entered my referee’s contact details into the platform, but they still have not received an email with the information on how to upload their letter to my application. What should I do? Can I upload the letter into my application file myself?
    Certain email providers may block communications from the platform. If your referee has not received the email with information on how to upload their letter into your application, it is advised that they send their letter as an attachment to the Embassy at The Embassy will then manually upload their letter into your application file. You will receive an email from the platform once the letter has been uploaded to your file. It is not possible for applicants to upload a reference letter to their own application file.
  • I currently reside in a country other than Australia. Am I eligible to apply for the grant in order to undertake an internship/ program of study in France?
    No, you will not be eligible to apply for the grant. The grant supports student mobility from Australia to France only (including French overseas territories such as New Caledonia, French Polynesia orReunion Island) . For this reason it cannot be used for travel between a country outside of Australia and France (or overseas French territories such as New Caledonia or Reunion Island) , or for travel from France to Australia.
  • What does the grant cover if my application is successful?
    The grant will cover the cost of the successful applicants return flights between Australia and France. All recipients of the Baudin Grant exempt from paying any visa fees as the recipient of a French government scholarship. Laureates of the General Program will also receive Campus France private insurance covering a period of your stay. All other related costs, including accommodation and domestic travel, will be at the successful applicants own expense.
  • Will I receive the funds as a lump sum if my application is successful?
    - General Program: Successful applicants will not physically receive the funds for the return flight ticket. They will be put in contact with the Campus France approved travel agent to organise for their flights to be booked. Once this is done, the Embassy of France will pay for the cost of the return flights between Australia and France up to the value of €1600.
    - Baudin Internships Initiative: Grant laureates will receive a grant from the Embassy paid as a subvention to their university. In most cases the entire amount is transferred directly to the student with the university’s contribution.
  • I have already booked my return flights between Australia and France. Can I still receive the grant if my application is successful?
    In extremely rare cases it is possible – as an exception – to organise a reimbursement in the case that you have already booked your return flights between Australia and France. In order to be reimbursed, you will need to provide the Campus France agency with proof of purchase of the flights, and other documentation that the Embassy will advise you on. However, please be aware that you will only be reimbursed for an amount of up to 1600€, which may result in a gap between the grant amount and the full cost you paid for the flights.
  • Is it possible to arrive into a different destination other than France from Australia such as London?
    Yes, however the grant will only cover the cost of the return flight between Australia and the destination, and will not cover any further costs associated with your travel to France from the original point of entry. Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the applicant to check all visa requirements related to the point of entry before arrival.
  • I have already left Australia for France for my program of study / internship. Can I still apply for the grant?
    No. In order to apply for the 2018-2019 grants you must still be in Australia at the time of application. The grant cannot be applied retrospectively . This is also the case if you will be returning from France before the closing date of applications.
  • I am a prior recipient of the grant. Is it possible to reapply?
    No, this is not possible.
  • I want to apply for the grant , but I haven’t organised my program of study in France / internship yet. Will the Embassy of France in Australia organise this for me?
    Topics for Baudin Internships are proposed by the Embassy through the “ Internship in France” initiative. Outside of this specific initiative, the Embassy cannot organise a program of study/ internship in France for you. This is the responsibility of the applicant. You must provide sufficient proof as part of your application documentation that you have been accepted into a program of study/internship in order to be eligible to apply.
    Please be aware that the Embassy cannot organise any other aspects of your stay in France, including your accommodation. For useful information and practical tips about living in France such as how to find accommodation and the cost of living, please visit the Campus France Australie website. For information on applying for your visa, please visit the Consulate - General in Sydney visa section website.
  • I have applied for a study abroad/ exchange program in France, but I haven’t received my official letter of acceptance from the French hosting institution yet. Am I still eligible to apply?
    In order to be eligible to apply under the study abroad/ exchange program framework , you must be able to provide proof in the form of a letter of acceptance from your home university in Australia that you have been accepted into their exchange program. If you cannot provide this at a minimum you will not be eligible.
  • Is there a requirement for the type of referee I have to use? Should they be academic, professional or personal?
    There is no requirement on the type of referee you must use, however they should be able to attest to your academic capabilities/ achievements and character at a minimum. For this reason, applicants often use an academic referee.
  • When is the application deadline?
    The application deadline will be displayed on the application platform. Applications must be completed and submitted through this platform. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  • I have submitted my application. When will I know the outcome?
    The Embassy will inform all applicants of their application outcomes within 2 months after the deadline. Please be patient during this time, as we receive a very large number of applications for this program and there are numerous parties involved in the decision-making process. In the meantime, for any questions you may have please contact the Embassy at
  • I want to apply for an internship under the Baudin Grant Internships initiative, but I’m not from the partner university specified in the proposal. Can I still apply for that internship?
    Yes. Students from any of the participating Australian universities, (Group of Eight, Australian Technology Network of Universities, Innovative Research Universities and Macquarie University), can apply for any of the internships under the Internships initiative, even if they are not at the partner university indicated on the proposal. The Embassy of France will transmit all eligible candidatures to the French institutions, and the hosting university will select the candidate.
  • Can I apply to undertake an internship at the end of my studies?
    No. French law requires that all interns maintain student status for the duration of the internship. Anyone who has qualified for the degree for which they have been enrolled is not eligible.

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